Mediating Your Way to Freedom

One of the best kept secrets in the big and ugly universe of family law is Mediation, a process in which a 3rd party comes into a separation process in order to reach a conclusion that works for both parties. While you can bring in lawyers for the mediation, it’s not necessary and more than often just complicates the process.

Mediation has the propensity to dull the pain and suffering associated with divorce, as instead of making bitter enemies of each other, a couple going through a mediated separation can exit the relationship at least somewhat amicably. The mediation firm we’re spotlighting today, McNamee Mediations, has had some of the greatest success of any firms that we’ve ever heard of.

Everyone wants to avoid getting into a classic divorce situation, where there’s yelling, lawyers icily staring you down and ensuring that all parties are as thoroughly disgusted and resentful of one another as possible. This is complicated by the fact that, when you get right down to it, some relationships just are not meant to work out for the long term. What can you do in those situations where the relationship can’t continue but you don’t want to be shouting each other down in front of a judge?

That’s where mediation comes in – not only is it less costly than everyone lawyering up and taking each other to task in a litigious separation, but it also saves everyone from the heartache and stomach-churning stress associated with such a contentious separation. Not only that, but you’re not leaving everything up for a judge to decide how things end up shaking out – you and your now ex-partner decide everything for yourselves at a pace you are most comfortable with.

If you’re in Irvine and looking for a Divorce Mediator, McNamee Mediations has been working their magic for over 19 years and has provided some of the best results we’ve seen. Check out just a couple of their many, MANY testimonials to get a small taste of what they have provided for their clients over the years, like this one from Joyce H.:

“A divorce is never easy on so many levels.  Starting the process, I hoped that we could remain amicable and civil throughout the process.  Colleen was a key part of this.  She is very professional and responsive, but she also is kind and sensitive to all situations that occur.  She sees the “big picture” quickly and can open discussions for solutions and resolutions.  She is amazingly organized and accommodated all our requests.  She made the process a little less painful.  I can’t thank her enough and I’m so glad that we went with mediation versus attorneys.  I did get what I hoped for.  We remained amicable and civil, largely due to Colleen.”

If you’re looking for a family law attorney in Orange County because you’ve been served divorce papers or have come to the conclusion that your relationship is just not working out, we recommend that you at least consider utilizing a mediator instead. You’ll save money, time, and more than a little heart ache by just going to McNamee Mediations and using her services rather than hiring out yet another cold, unfeeling divorce attorney.

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