Marriage Mediation And Contracts For Renaissance Women

Veronica Walters embodies the essence of a dynamic, modern Renaissance woman who gracefully defies traditional norms and boundaries.

At the age of twenty-seven, Veronica faced the devastating breakdown of her marriage with her first husband, the father of her 4 young children. In a time of society when divorce was still highly taboo and unfairly stigmatizing of women, Veronica, a woman who refuses to settle for anything less than stellar, chose her own path. When the truth emerged from the whispers of gossip and rumors about her husband’s infidelity, she marched straight to the courthouse to file for divorce. Before reaching the courthouse, a dear friend introduced her to the concept of mediation.

“I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought she was saying that I should meditate, as in I should pray and ponder about my decision,” Veronica recalled.

It turns out her friend was advising her to seek a divorce mediator instead of a divorce lawyer, especially given that custody and co-parenting would be central issues for their family.

Following her friend’s advice, Veronica found a respected mediator in Orange County. The mediation process prioritized the best interests of her young children and helped both parties navigate the difficult discussions about custody and co-parenting.

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“On a personal level, I initially wanted to drain that son of a gun for all the heartbreak he had caused me. But as a mother, with my children’s well-being in top priority, nothing was more important to me than making sure that my children would grow up with the presence of their father. Our Orange County Mediator helped us draft a settlement that fairly compensated me for my contributions to the marriage, allowing me to walk away with my head held high and a co-parenting plan that gave me peace of mind about my children.”

In what seemed like a fated turn of destiny, Veronica later met the love of her life, her second husband Paul, a famous and retired athlete. Together, they had two more children, creating a blended family.

Putting the tears of her past behind her, Veronica sought to strengthen her second marriage for eternal, lasting love, but also have a clear process pre-meditated and mediated, in case things fell through. Revisiting the mediator of her divorce from her first marriage, Veronica and her second husband sought the facilitation of that same Mediation Services firm to create a marriage contract specifying mutual terms that would keep the marriage intact and also outlined how parties would proceed if these terms were not fulfilled. These pre- and post-nuptial agreements would help the couple manage disagreements down the road.

“As I was finalizing the marriage contract with Paul through mediation services, I was also starting my own business. I came to appreciate the importance of contracts in any type of relationship to bring everyone onto the same page. Communication is paramount in every aspect of life: family, friendship, and finance.”

For those seeking peaceful resolution in matters of marriage or divorce, McNamee Mediations is just a call away.