Picking The Right Divorce Attorney

Sometimes, the best review is straight from the horse’s mouth. We can dissect lawyer’s tactics all day, but when it comes down to it, the most important factor is if their clients are being well taken care of. So, we reached out to someone and asked for their feedback on a recent case:

“Divorce. One word that brings many emotions, most of which are quite negative. When I came home from work on a Monday afternoon, can you imagine my shock to see my husband sitting at the kitchen table with a stack of papers? Yeah, it was the last thing I wanted to see. Before I signed my name on any paperwork I wanted to talk to a divorce lawyer. Here in California, there are many divorce lawyers to choose from, so how could I pick one to handle one of the most life-changing events I have ever experienced? After doing some research and looking for divorce lawyers in Orange County, I chose Shuff Law Firm. Their yelp reviews were positive and I gave them a call to see if they would be a good fit for me and my needs. I needed someone with experience settling high asset divorces. We have rental properties, joint accounts, and other things between the both of us.

I had a consultation with Tamara and Joe and they made me feel very comfortable trusting them to represent me in court. Over the next few days, it was emotional turmoil as my soon to be ex-husband made increasing demands on what would be his versus what would remain mine. He was very disagreeable, so I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy process and that these lawyers were going to have their handsful. There were the kids to think about along with the financial assets that we both shared together. I carried the paperwork that was given to me by my husband and gave them to my new divorce lawyers. We discussed what I wanted to be protected, what I wanted to be divided, and what I was willing to give up. Everything was much more complicated than I had anticipated and I just felt overwhelmed thinking about it. But Tamara and Joe were very patient with me, sensitive to my situation, and gently guided me along the way. And, after they were done working with me and my husband, I felt like I was in total control. I’m not sure what magic they used, but it certainly worked.

When the day came to be in court I was nervous. I was emotional, but I felt so confident with my amazing team of divorce lawyers. After careful consideration and patience, all of the details surrounding my divorce was something that I felt good about. During court, I felt that I was represented fairly and all of the things we discussed over the past few weeks remained the same. In the end, my ex-husband and I came to an agreement and I felt a sense of relief that everything had worked out equally for both parties.

In the beginning, I was nervous and didn’t know where to turn and who to trust with such a sensitive issue. If you are going through a divorce that is complicated and involves a great number of assets, I recommend Shuff Law Firm. The process went smoothly and everything was explained to me in a way I could understand. I was also shown compassion during one of my most vulnerable moments and made to feel comfortable. Joe and Tamara were fantastic and I couldn’t thank them enough.”

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