First Impressions Count

One of the industry’s ugly little secrets is that presentation matters significantly when securing new clients. The designer of the suits you wear, the material it’s made from, and the type of wood your front desk is made of all make a significant, if subliminal, impression on the people who walk into your office seeking legal counsel.

With this being the case, these things can certainly start to add up, especially if you’re a new firm looking to break into the industry and start stealing some clients away from the bigger fish in the pond. You need to pick and choose which items to splurge your fledgling office’s limited resources on and which items can be grabbed at a cheaper price while still retaining some aesthetic quality.

While your personal desk and that of your front office may need to be furnished from rich mahogany, that doesn’t mean your entire office needs a workplace so grand. Enter in the cost-cutting measure of buying some used office furniture, an economical and eco-friendly option for providing a comfortable and visually appealing work space for the workers in your office that are not client-facing.

While using used furniture isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, it does save you and your law offices a ton of time and money. When buying used, there’s no need to wait for weeks or months on end for all of the pieces to be shipped to and assembled here in the states; within a week, your entire office can be decorated, furnished, and used to start making your firm the lifesaving money it needs.

If you’re a firm in LA that’s looking for new cubicles for its back-end workers, we at Craftsmen recommend you look into a local business called Creative Office Design, which has been supplying the LA area with used or pre-owned office furniture for decades. Their office supply items are sleek, modern, and provide a comfortable and affordable workspace for those essential departments in charge of keeping your firm running safe and smooth.

The company offers a variety of different types of furnishings, from singular workspaces to conference room décor, with each piece offering a number of different styles and materials to serve your office’s individual tastes and needs. Not only that, the office supply company also offers planning and CAD design services to help you plan out the office space to maximize the materials available to make your office as streamlined and efficient for your workers as possible.

When you’re looking for office furniture for your LA firm, pick the company that provides on-site project management that ensures the installation gets done on time and on budget. Save your money for the Italian wool that perfectly masks the flop sweat you get from your first meeting with the client that can make or break your law office’s future and go with used office furnishings from a reputable local supplier.

If you’re interested in the company featured in today’s post, look them up at:

Creative Office Design

(714) 328-76275230 Pacific Concourse Dr #105, Los Angeles, CA 90045