The New Normal

As 2020 rolls on and the pandemic waxes and wanes with new waves periodically hitting major cities, it’s clear that office culture is going to be seeing some significant changes for the foreseeable future. As employees demand safer environments and employers rush to make sure that their work force isn’t taken down in one fell swoop, everything from the way we interact to the furniture we use in the office is going to have to be updated.

As Jen Geller said in a recent CNBC article regarding the necessary adjustments to how the office is going to look,

“Companies are going to have to reorient workstations so people aren’t facing one another. That may mean changing where the computer is or where the power source is located. Companies are going to have to remove all of the tabling and the seating in conference rooms or other communal areas to give greater flexibility to space distance. Any personal effects at desks or offices need to be removed. That way, these spaces can be completely and thoroughly cleaned,” says Spector.

The office furniture itself is going to need to be adjusted as large cities like LA face periodic breakouts of the disease. Items like office dividers, safety screens, and desktop safety panels will become necessary and common sights, despite how obtrusive they may seem in the short term.

How we approach work will also necessarily be altered, with more work being done remotely and the number of people crowded into an office or warehouse limited and done in shifts. Rules made to reduce the number of people allowed in common spaces like break rooms will need to be studiously applied and policed to make sure workers are social distancing to reduce chances of disease transmission.

In short, office culture is going to be pretty unpleasant for the foreseeable future. For employees, the inability to interact with their neighbors and colleagues will certainly take out some of the pleasure available to them from their jobs, while employers will feel the pinch of needing to equip their offices with all of these new policies and furniture.

You don’t need to break the bank to ensure your office is well stocked for a post-COVID era, though. For our Los Angeles readers looking for office furniture with health and safety in mind, we are spotlighting a company we’ve worked with to furnish our own office, Creative Office Design.

Creative Office Design sells new and used office furnishings for a fair price, and provides a number of great services when you contract out to them to help design your space to get the most out of the materials you buy from them. With the changes brought about by COVID, this service is more important than ever, since they can both help maximize the utility of the furnishings you’re buying and ensure your office is well set up to reduce the chance of disease transmission.

Things are going to be quite strange for a while, and a new emphasis on health will be prevalent to make sure we get out of this pandemic alive and thriving. Make it easier on yourself and your wallet by calling:

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