When You Realize That It Is Time To Leave

Lily Evans is a thirty year old creative non-fiction writer. As she approached her thirtieth birthday throughout her last few days as a twenty-nine year old, Lily had a mental breakdown. “I wasn’t happy in my marriage, or in my career. I had known this throughout my twenties, but I never had that honest conversation with myself or my partner about my life. I didn’t want to acknowledge it, because I was scared of leaving.”

If you have ever been divorced or have separated from a long-term relationship, then you can probably relate to the fear and distress of leaving that familiar and special someone who you love and can’t seem to live without, but are simply not meant to be with.

“We would end up in an argument every weekend. He was very set in his ways. I was too much of a free spirit for him. And before turning thirty, I realized that I wasn’t willing to sacrifice any more of my happiness and what I wanted for the sake of a relationship and career that wasn’t fulfilling me anymore.”

Lily says that after her mental breakdown, she knew she had to leave behind the life she had always known throughout her twenties. In order to summon the courage to tell her then-husband, she spent two days in isolation, journaling her thoughts in her laptop. It helped her to process the separation. “Writing is therapy to me. It’s cathartic; it’s how I release the pain.”

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If you are going through a breakup or divorce right now, you are not alone. With the rate of divorce being reported at 39% in recent years, many are likely to find themselves going through that same process of loss, heartbreak, and grief. Perhaps it isn’t that more and more couples are finding themselves at odds with one another, but that traditional beliefs about marriage and stigmas against divorce have become less and less widely held in the last decade.

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