Hope For A Brighter Future

Immigration is the vehicle which allows talent and diversity to be added to our economy and society at large. The American Dream is what every person hopes to achieve by entering into the land of opportunity. People from third world or developing countries want better futures for themselves and for their children, even if it means leaving everything they know and everyone they love behind. A brighter future is worth the sacrifice.

When it comes to immigrating to the United States, the ongoing media coverage of Trump administration’s changing foreign and immigration policies can be overwhelming and scary to make sense of. For those who are struggling to find hope in successfully moving to the U.S., many find themselves unsure of their options and of what resources to rely upon.

There are a few options to consider when it comes to obtaining legal resident or work authorization status in America. One thing you should never consider is illegally entering, residing, and working in the country. Doing so puts one at extremely high risk of being deported and banned from re-entering into the country, which is highly stressful for any individual. Day-to-day activities will put you at risk of crossing the line between peace and arrest. For example, if you are caught accidentally speeding on the freeway, the authorities may place you in court, leading you to be discovered as illegal.

That said, if you are in such a position, do not despair. If you have been placed in immigration court, your best hope is to hire an immigration attorney. K Nair Law provides counsel for those who are applying for visas, green cards, citizenship, and work authorization, and defends those facing deportation. She has effectively represented many undocumented persons by obtaining release from custody, work authorization, and temporary and permanent resident or green card status. Moreover, she has successfully defended individuals with multiple serious criminal activities before the U.S. Immigration Courts and reinstated temporary and permanent resident or green-card status. She has a special focus on representing immigrants in Immigration Court Removal and Deportation Proceedings of criminal convictions through post-conviction relief. Her expertise and background comes from having worked for a successful Criminal Defense attorney early in her career. She then started her own practice in June 2010.

Kiran Nair Esq.

Attorney K Nair’s personal experience with the U.S. immigration system started when she was a young child from India in 1980. She has an excellent reputation of successful cases and client testimonials, and she has been practicing for over twelve years. Kiran Nair is licensed by the California State Bar and has successfully represented immigrants before the California Superior Courts, and Immigration Courts in Adelanto, Eloy (Arizona), Lancaster, Los Angeles, San Diego and Tucson (Arizona).

If you are in the process of immigrating or have been discovered to be illegally residing in the United States of America, we highly recommend you seek out a reputable immigration lawyer. You can give K Nair Law a call to inquire about their services.

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