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It may be cliché to see a TV commercial that says if you or your loved one is injured in a serious accident or due to a neglectful party that you need to call a lawyer. Preferably, their lawyer. The truth is that when you’re in that situation, you want to be defended. You need to be defended. You need to be defended by someone who is competent enough to be trustworthy and who will be motivated to gain a maximum recovery on your behalf.

No one plans to suffer a serious or life threatening injury, but unfortunately it happens far too often. 

The thing is, no one is prepared for something like this. It’s either something they’ve never dealt with, or they’ve got family or a friend who went through a difficult situation themselves. So, you start looking for someone to guide you through the process of pursuing a recovery.

If you’re in need of one such wrongful death, personal injury, or accident lawyer based in San Diego and surrounding counties, look no further. Villasenor Law Offices has an incredibly competent team who is well known for their professionalism and creativity defending their clients.

Christopher A. Villasenor started his career working for two mid-sized San Diego law offices representing major companies in the defense of medical and dental malpractice, real estate, construction and product defects, and general litigation matters. As such, he knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes. 

His experience working for the other side gives him and his team the experience and knowledge to creatively work around the other party’s defenses. He knows what’s coming, and he can prepare you for it. It’s a unique situation, but a good one.

Knowing that not only is my lawyer experienced in his field, but has experience working for the other side, gives me great comfort. Their aim to defend you begins on their website where they give free information on how to deal with a car accident immediately after the crash. While the information is practical (comply with police and use ambulance or paramedic assistance) they begin the process of building your defense. 

They suggest that while you should comply with the police, you should avoid giving a statement to any third parties, like the other drivers, insurance agencies, or investigators. While this piece of advice is snuck in, it’s a smart move to avoid saying anything that could hurt your case later. They also advise doing things such as to take your own photos of the damage to vehicles and personal property, and injuries. The more evidence you have, the better.

San Diego and the surrounding areas have an incredibly high population density, with many defense lawyers. But, there’s just a few with the experience and reputation to gain that favorable outcome. Mr. Villasenor is THE personal injury attorney fighting for the little guy in San Diego. When you step into that courtroom, you want someone with your best interests in mind and who will make the right moves. You want someone who will use all the information at hand to build the right case for you during this emotional and difficult time. You want Villasenor Law Offices.

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