One Case to Rule Them All

The clock read, 1 AM. It was a later than average night for Ezra Thomas. He hopped up to top off his coffee that had become tepid. The office was a ghost town of abandoned desks and chairs, they would all be full tomorrow of course.

Ezra Thomas was no stranger to hard work, and he didn’t quit until the job was done. For years he had been the voice of the injured, a lawyer from San Diego tackling personal injury cases. If you got hurt on the job, Ezra was your knight in shining armor. He did good, honest work that he was proud of. If he didn’t win, his clients didn’t have to pay him a cent. He stared down blankly at the papers on his desk. 

This case may just be the end of me, Ezra thought, as he sat back down, coffee hot and in hand. Over the years he had tackled the impossible, he had made big companies pay when they had done wrong. This case was giving him a run for his money though. 

He reviewed the file again. Margaret Barts, a local welder and single mother of three had been working the graveyard shift for a big company, Industrial Welder’s. She had dropped her welding torch due to the faulty equipment they supplied, breaking her toes. It was so bad she ended up losing multiple toes. To top it off Industrial Welder’s had the audacity to let her go when making budget cuts just a week later. Ezra knew this had “against the law” written all over it, and he was determined to prove it. 

Ezra’s mind is what made him so good at his job. He had a creative, unique way of thinking that made him one of the top lawyers in the San Diego area. So, as he sat there reviewing a photo from Margaret’s case it’s no shock that he suddenly jumped up and said “Eureka!” He headed home with everything he needed for court tomorrow.

Ezra awoke with an extra pep in his step and couldn’t help but whistle as he headed to the courtroom. He greeted Margaret who looked like she hadn’t had a chance to sleep in weeks. Yet she was still able to get her kids to daycare, put on her nicest clothes, and style her hair. 

“Margaret,” Ezra nodded.

“Hey, Ezra. Thanks so much again. It really means a lot to me that you took on my case. All the other lawyers just laughed when I told them who I was up against,” she sighed, defeated, limping over to him.

“Of course, we will be starting soon. Don’t worry Margaret, you’ll be great,” he could tell his encouraging words meant a lot by the little smile that tickled her lips. 

The judge addressed the court, and then it was show time. Industrial Welder’s attorney was really putting the heat on, and then it was Ezra’s turn. 

“Hello everyone and thank you all for being here. I would first like to call one of the owners of Industrial Welder’s, Scott, to the stand.” Scott approached the stand and took a seat. “So, Scott, Margaret had an accident at work. An accident of her own doing as you claim?”

“That’s correct,” Scott replied smugly. 

“So, it wasn’t your fault then? All of your equipment had been tested prior to her shift, and was fine?” Ezra continued.

“Yes sir,” Scott replied. 

Ezra slid a photo to Scott. “So, that isn’t you in the background their disposing of the welding torch Margaret was actually using? Tell me Scott where did you find a fake with her prints on it?” Scott examined the photo, and sure enough there he was in the background of a photo taken of Margaret’s injury. 

His face turned beat red and a bead of sweat slid down his face, “He made me do it!” His finger shot towards his father. The crowd gasped. Ezra turned and smiled at Margaret, another job well done. 

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