Athlete Recovery And Compensation After A Car Accident

Athletes spend years, even decades, of their lives training for hours per day in hopes of achieving their dreams. Professional athletes compete in sports to earn their primary or major source of income. As such, any event or illness that negatively affects their body directly affects their quality of life.

But the same can be said about almost anyone. When it comes to being injured, athletes and desk jockeys alike will experience some type of loss in their ability to function either permanently or for a period of time.

This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not legal advice. We recommend speaking with a personal injury lawyer if you have been in an accident.

What is the worst thing that can happen to an athlete?

There are many health risks involved in sports. Athletes can experience anxiety, depression, and eating disorders as a result of immense pressure. At elite levels, athletes may be encouraged to illegally take performance-enhancing drugs. We often hear about a superstar who was busted in a routine anti-doping test, resulting in a ban or suspension from competing. Unfortunately, this can set an athlete’s career trajectory back many seasons or years. Athletes may also experience humiliation and sadness in the aftermath of a loss or disappointing performance. 

An injury can ultimately be the worst thing to happen to an athlete because it renders them unable to function at their full capacity. Worst of all, athletes can experience fatal injuries in contact sports such as combat martial arts, or brain damage in sports such as American football.

Injuries don’t just happen to athletes; they can happen on any job. In the same way,  vehicle accidents can happen to anyone.

Personal injuries cause loss of income 

In 2021, Forbes ranked Tiger Woods as the world’s 12th highest-paid athlete, “pulling in more than $60 million in endorsements this year.” Woods suffered a serious vehicle accident injury, which rendered him inactive for almost one year. 

While most Americans are not professional athletes, injuries will affect their ability to earn an income, causing both financial and emotional stress. 

Truck accidents cause serious personal injury 

Truck accidents are unfortunately extremely common and their impact can cause severe personal injury to accident victims. Victims who are hospitalized are billed with hefty medical expenses, which may be impossible for some people to pay for without insurance claims or compensation. Furthermore, victims may experience unhappiness and distress from being unable to live freely during their recovery and rehabilitation. Victims should seek a personal injury attorney with experience in truck accident cases. Due to the sheer difference in size and mass between trucks and cars, truck accidents can result in injuries that are far more severe than collisions between two cars.

 A Truck on the Road

Insurance companies will most likely not be quick to pay out what you reasonably deserve, which leaves many victims in precarious aftermath unless they have an attorney who can fight for their clients to receive a settlement. Trucking negligence is unfortunately common and victims are legally entitled to receive compensation for the resulting medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of income.