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With the number of car accidents rising year over year, it’s often a matter of “when”, not “if” you will be involved in a potentially life-altering accident. For me, it happened a few short days after I got my driver’s license as a teenager.
The story goes that I was driving to school. I was running late, but I was so excited and nervous that I refused to even approach the speed limit. Still unused to the peculiarities of the old beater my parents had gotten me as a first car, I stopped very sharply at one of the stop signs leading towards my high school, causing my bag to fall over.
Seeing that the road was clear, I released the brake and started crawling forward, but my attention veered over to the spilled contents of my bag all over the floor of the car. By the time I had raised my eyes back to the road, it was too late to react to the pickup that had run the stoplight and was now barreling towards my passenger door.

I was lucky that the crash was at relatively low-speeds, but I still had my skull badly rattled against the driver’s side door during the impact. It turned out later that I had gotten a minor concussion, but by then the other driver was long gone and I was in need of a new car.
My family didn’t pursue any legal action, in part because the car was so old that it was nearly worthless and the relatively minor nature of my injuries, but also because we thought that getting a lawyer would simply be too much of a hassle. Who wants to pay all of that money for a case you might not even win?
What I wish we had known at the time was that any personal injury attorney worth their salt would not charge the family a dime until they win their case. Not only that, but the attorney would take care of all of the complicated research, investigation, and document collection that would be necessary during the proceedings, meaning we could sit back and focus on recovery.

High quality San Diego law firms like Villasenor Law Offices do all of the heavy lifting for their clients, which is invaluable in the cases where you are having a difficult time getting a claim through with a hesitant insurance provider. Villasenor got their start in the insurance industry, which means they know all of the ins and outs of what goes into ensuring that a claim is accepted or, failing that, that an appeal is accepted.
Personal injury lawyers get a bad reputation from the media, but in truth there is no one you’d rather have on your side during a crisis than a professional law firm like Villasenor. Whether you choose to file suite against the party responsible for your accident or need someone to have your back during a dispute with your insurer, the highly conscientious team at Villasenor will make sure that you have the tools you need to win your fight. Call today:
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