How Divorce Mediation Can Help Couples Peacefully Separate

“So, you are telling me that your partner hits you. I would never stay in a situation with that kind of abuse. Why don’t you leave him?”

People often imagine that they would be the first to walk out the door at the first signs of abuse. However, breaking free of abuse is not only a matter of walking out the door. Leaving a relationship can be complicated.

It can be challenging for most people to realize why a person would stay in an abusive relationship. A survey found out that one in four men and one in three women have encountered violence in marriage or with an intimate partner.

Anonymous activist showing placard with anti violence inscription

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The reasons for staying differ from one victim to another, as they usually involve different factors. Psychological and emotional forces keep the victim connected to the abuser. The reason for a victim living with their abusers is complicated. Often, situational realities such as lack of money keep the victim from leaving. Victims of violent relationships understand their abusers best and know the extent to which they’ll go to ensure they have and can keep control over the victim. Hence, the victim often does not feel safe to escape or protect those they love. In severe cases, the abused is under the threat that the abuser will continue with the harm if they speak out: their abuser will hurt or kill them, will custody of the kids, will hurt or kill their children, pets, ruin the victim financially, and more.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

If you have seen or experienced any abuse in your marriage, it is time to seek out legal separation. This involves evaluating whether or not mediation remains a possibility will be the severity of the abuse, whether the abuse is reciprocal or unilateral, and the degree to which both parties acknowledge the abusive behavior.

Consider Divorce Mediation Services. One of the benefits of mediation is that it puts your children first. Many parents do not divorce out of worry that their children will suffer from uncertainty and the feeling like this was somehow their fault. Litigation can lengthen the process of divorce and exacerbate the stress of everyone involved.

The good thing about divorce mediators is having a neutral third party treat you as parents and not as litigants. After you are divorced, you will no longer be husband and wife but still be dad and mom. Each decision is made with the priority being the best interests of your children. 

Divorce can get heated and lengthy. But just because you have decided to end your marriage does not mean that it has to become an all-out war. Orange County divorce mediation expert McNamee Mediations can help you remain focused on peace and solutions. Instead of each spouse hiring one litigator, one mediator can neutrally facilitate between both parties. Mediation is usually much more affordable than traditional litigation, which is especially important for those who are in a relationship with a financial power imbalance.