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Violet Jamal

Violet is a Consigner at Craftsmen by Design. She had been looking for a place to share her cozy creations and stumbled onto our store.

Violet started crocheting 39 years ago when she was pregnant with her first son and she hasn't stopped since. She and her sister used to work together on creating items and would sell them to raise money for trips they planned on taking together. When her sister became ill, Violet continued in her memory. "We used to crochet just to make people happy. We wanted to bring back the old things and they old ways." which explains the variety of vivid colors that Violet uses.

"I will NEVER stop crocheting. It is my mission to put a smile on everyone's face."  After her recent shoulder injury, Violet couldn't wait to get back to making her beautiful designs. Come on in and visit us let Violet brighten your day.